Remapping Vehicles in Lincoln

Taking your vehicle to the next level

At Auto-Mate Tuning we specialise in remapping any vehicle in Lincoln, which allows our clients to get the full potential from their car. Our car tuning services aim to increase the tow power and improve fuel economy. A remap is the new and improved way of tuning your vehicle by altering the software that is already installed in the control unit.

Remap Services across Lincoln

Our remap services are available to all in Lincoln by a team of file writers who have been highly trained in all areas and will develop the car tuning software using the latest technology in this industry. The reason for doing it this way is to ensure you get an outstanding vehicle upgrade within safe parameters of the engine. Our car tuning services at Auto-Mate Tuning aim to make your everyday commute a relaxing drive and will increase the tow power and throttle response, ensuring an overall outstanding improvement of your vehicle’s performance.

At Auto-Mate Tuning we not only remap cars but also vans, motor-homes and trucks within the Lincoln area. There are three forms in which remapping has formed over the years from chip tuning to remapping and bench tuning. We will choose the most suitable method for your vehicle but nevertheless whichever method is used you can still expect improvements of a high standard.