Vehicle Remapping Calculator

Fuel prices are constantly on the rise and this can eat away at a company’s profits or even your own monetary allowances. This is something you can be certain will not change in the future. Here at Auto-mate Tuning we offer remapping services that can offer substantial saving on your fuel intake that can really help with the day to day running of company vehicles or your own car.

I would not believe everything you hear when it comes to remapping your vehicle. We can confirm that when choosing our remapping services you should expect to see an increase of between 8 and 15% in Fuel economy. We also offer advice and guidance in driving style to increase fuel economy further.

With an average improvement of 10% per vehicle you can appreciate with a fleet of vehicles the savings you get mount up fast. We offer a fuel saving calculator (to the left) that will give you an approximate idea of the savings you could achieve. And the calculator below will show you what kind of improvements to expect from your vehicle model after the tuning has been implemented.