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If you’re looking for a greatly improved performance at a great value for your company car or personal vehicle, remapping could be the solution for you. By modifying the vehicles engine control unit (ECU) using the software already embedded in it, you could see vast improvements in the output of the engine, such as increased torque, power and especially fuel economy. On average, Automate Tuning can increase a cars fuel economy by around 10%, and we have seen improvements in a cars fuel economy performance upwards of 15% through remapping in Nottingham.

Car tuning specialists

For some years now, Automate Tuning has been running a premier car tuning service in Nottingham. Based in Brant Broughton in nearby Lincoln, we use some of the most advanced tuning equipment currently available in today’s market, as well as software developed by Quantum Tuning, one of the largest and most prestigious tuning companies operating in the UK. We understand from years of experience that any car tuning in Nottingham that we undertake is only as good as the software we use. The best results come from using only the latest technology available, making communication with your vehicles ECU as safe and reliable as possible.

Automate Tuning uses a number of methods to achieve an optimal performance from your car, and we can also perform our remapping service in Nottingham to vans, trucks and motorhomes, achieving a typical increase of between 30 to 40 BHP on most turbo, diesel and petrol vehicles.

Numerous means of remapping ECUs

There are several ways that our expert technicians can go about remapping in Nottingham, depending on the specifications of the vehicle, its engine and the ECU that it employs. Mostly, this is in line with the development and improvement that motor vehicles have undergone up to the present day. Our methods include:

  • – Chip Tuning: the main chip inside the ECU is removed and the program adjusted by a qualified tuner, improving vehicle performance
  • – Remapping: for more complicated engine diagnostics and software updates, as well as to correct any issues, remapping allows our engineers to tune a vehicle by plugging it into a diagnostic socket
  • – Bench Tuning: the ECU is removed altogether to read and write the information on a special programming jig

All car tuning in Nottingham carried out by Automate Tuning is completed without any visible modifications or external components.

Greatly improved engine performance

The many benefits Automate Tuning’s car remapping services in Nottingham includes:

  • – Increased throttle response
  • – Maximised power
  • – Smoother power delivery
  • – Improved fuel economy