ECU Mapping Services


Remapping is a way of tuning your vehicle by altering the software already installed in your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). The results from this can increase power, torque and fuel economy. Automate Tuning use a number of the most advanced tuning tools available on the market today. This ensures communication with your vehicle is as safe and reliable as it can be.

A remap is only as good as the software

All our tuning software is written by Quantum Tuning. Their team of dedicated file writers develop their tuning software using rolling road technology. By developing the software in this way, we can ensure you are getting a premium vehicle upgrade within safe parameters of the engine capabilities.

Using Automate Tuning to tune your petrol or diesel engine will enhance your driving pleasure, whilst making your vehicle smoother more responsive with power right when you need it.

Remapping isn’t just for boy racers! You couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of our customers have a distinct purpose for mapping their vehicle, for example, to increase the power of a tow vehicle or improve fuel economy. We can adjust the map to suit your requirements, either maximising power (within safe parameters), maximising economy or somewhere between the two.
Remap your ECU and unleash your vehicle’s true potential.

Benefits of a remap

With a typical increase of around 30 – 40 BHP on most turbo diesel and petrol vehicles, you can expect a vast improvement in performance. But what does it mean for your daily drive?

  • Make your everyday commute a more relaxed, pleasurable drive.
  • Give your tow car that extra power/torque it needs.
  • Improve your fuel economy, let the remap pay for itself.
  • Increase throttle response and experience smoother power delivery.

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How's an ECU Remap Performed?

ECU Remapping has taken many forms over the years.

Whichever method is used, remapping is a popular way to gain improvements in both power and torque, improve the throttle response of your vehicle and improve fuel consumption. All without any visible modifications or external parts.

Chip Tuning

The earliest form of remapping, also known as chip tuning (not to be confused with tuning boxes), is where the main chip inside the engine control unit (ECU) is removed, placed into chip reading equipment and the information it contains is copied. This information is used in two ways. It is backed up in order for the remap to be reversed if necessary or if an error occurred while programming. Having copied the original program the tuner can then make adjustments to the program to improve the way the vehicle performs.


As cars developed, the ability to communicate with the ECU became more essential. Main dealerships needed to perform engine diagnostics and possibly software updates to correct issues that may have been picked up as new models were launched. As vehicle manufacturers developed their tools to communicate with the vehicle so did the manufacturers of the tuning tools. Remapping took off enabling most vehicles to be tuned simply by plugging into the diagnostic socket.

Bench Tuning

Due to the complicated nature of modern vehicles, the ECU’s have to do so much more work. New vehicles now tend to have ECUs controlled by processors and the information is no longer stored in one eeprom chip but in various components around the control board. Some vehicles can no longer be programmed through the diagnostic socket. It may be necessary to remove the ECU in order to read and write the information on a special programming jig.