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Get the most from remapping your car, van, motor home, or truck. You’ll be surprised what we’ve mapped.  Have Automate Tuning remap your vehicle, using the most advanced tuning equipment on the market to date, software that has been developed by one of the largest tuning companies in the UK, and a technician with a number of years experience, we’re confident we have the tune for you…

Remapping Options

Choose between three different remapping alternatives focused on your main aims.

  • Green Economy Remap Written to optimize fuel economy on turbo diesel vehicles. This software has cleverly been manipulated to improve torque limits at a lower RPM and encourage gear change at a higher RPM. A popular choice for fleet owners.
  • Blue Power / Economy Remap Our best seller for turbo diesels. Recommended for your everyday drive. Good improvement in power delivery and an all-round better driving experience. Cruise as normal and benefit from an improved fuel economy. 
  • Red Ultimate Performance Remap Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. More aggressive, unleash the performance while still maintaining a smooth delivery and a quality drive. 

  Don’t make your mind up now!!! We’re happy to help, you can decide on the day. Give us a call…

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