There’s so much more to having a “remap ”

Automate tuning Remapping Vauxhall Zafira 2.0

Automate tuning Remapping Vauxhall Zafira 2.0

Some cars can be remapped by the vehicles diagnostic socket

Some cars can be remapped by the vehicles diagnostic socket

Automate tuning have performed remaps on all sorts of vehicles, but the vast majority are not as you may think, in fact most are for normal day to day vehicles where customers are after that bit more.

Our remaps can enhance the way your vehicle drives without stressing the engine beyond its limits. So whether you’re looking for a better tow vehicle, improved throttle response, or just upgrading your vehicle’s drive; remapping is the way forward.

Having a car that has loads of power but unpleasant to drive is NOT what we aim to do. Yes, remapping your car will make it go faster, but the point is, there is more to it than that…

Our tune will make your vehicle perform better, smoother with an improved fuel consumption and  low down torque that will transform your car, van, motorhome or truck.

Did you know a lot of vehicle manufacturers make money out of remapping their vehicles straight out of the factory? Alter the trim slightly and program the engine management system with a higher powered map, label it as a “sport” and charge a few thousand pounds more. With a remap from “Automate Tuning” you can upgrade your vehicle straight from the lower spec performance to the highest spec, and over, at a fraction of the cost.





A few examples of base models which are available in a higher spec, they have the same engine etc and the possible gains achieved by remapping the base model (IN RED)

  • Ford Transit Custom 2.2
    • -Base Model 100 BHP-
    • -Transit Custom Sport 155 BHP-
    • -Automate Tuned Base Model 180 BHP-
  • Ford Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0
    • Base Model 100 BHP
    • Top Spec (Not ST) 140 BHP
    • Automate Tuned Base Model 145 BHP
  • Renault Traffic 1.6 biturbo
    • -Base Model 120 BHP-
    • Renault Trafic Sport 140BHP
    • Automate Tuned Base Model 175BHP

If you think having a remap might be of interest, why not give us a call “let’s talk” see what we can do for you.

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