Mercedes C350 And E350 Remap

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Automate Tuning in Newark. Mercedes C350 and E350 remap today, in Newark.

Mercedes C350 is remapped using the bench programming jig.

So the first thing is to disconnect the battery and locate the engine ECU. In this case it is situated in the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle, under the pollen filter. Once the ECU is removed and opened it can be placed on the programming jig and connected. At this point the engine management file is copied from the ecu and backed up. This is done for a couple of reasons.

1. The original information can be sent to the file writer in order to check the software is not already remapped or modified in anyway. The original engine mapping can then be altered to contain the tuned software, (modified fuelling tables and a like.) After writing the  remapped software something called a checksum has to be made. This is a calculation summary that has to balance in order for the vehicle to start. With early forms of remapping checksums were simple, and could be made using a small program. Modern forms of checksums are a lot more complicated and are often made via a server the remap tool developers host. Having made the checksum the tuned software is ready to upload to the engine ECU.

2. By copying the file we can back it up. This means the remap can be reversed if required and if something should happen while programming the copied engine management program can be used to recover the problem.

When the file writers have worked their magic the remapped software is downloaded to my computer. We can then load it into the Ecu and refit to the vehicle.

Mercedes C350 remap really well,  giving a massive increase in power and torque.

Mercedes C350 remap figures :-

265BHP – 315BHP

21% increase in torque

The customer was so pleased with the result of his remap he opted to have his Mercedes E350 tuned as well.

This vehicle is fitted with a Bosch EDC17 ECU which means in order to perform a remap it needs removing and a direct connection to the engine ecu made.

Slightly more involved than the C350 the engine ECU on a Mercedes E350 is fitted in the drivers side wheel arch. The best way to gain access is to remove the wheel and the arch lining.

Once ECU is off it can be opened and connections made. Again all data is copied, backed up and exported to the file writer. Once the remap is applied to the original data it’s imported and uploaded back onto the ecu.

The ECU is fitted back to the vehicle and its test drive time.

The E350 figures are not quite as impressive as the C350 but still a vast improvement in drive.

Mercedes E350 remap figures:-

Power 231BHP – 265 BHP

Torque 540Nm – 589Nm



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