Kia Sorento remap


Kia Sorento ecu remap


New shape Kia Sorento remap

Kia Sorento remap

Bench tuning Kia Sorento ecu


Second time to this customer in Melton Mowbray today. This new shape Kia Sorento is in for a remap. It’s fitted with a Bosch ecu that requires a connection to one of the legs on the underside of the processor. To do this we use our programming jig and a specially ordered micro grabber to secure a connection to the processor leg. Once we’ve read the original  information from the ecu and backed it up we upload the program to a server for our tuners. They will apply the remap that’s developed on their rolling road and send a tuned version of software back. Ready for writing the remapped program to the ecu.

Kia Sorento 2.2 cdti

197 BHP – 230 BHP

436 nm – 500 nm

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