Kia Remaps and Kia Tuning

When it comes to the increasingly popular Kia aftermarket, tuning and remapping vehicle ECUs can deliver real and noticeable improvements for drivers that can really change the performance of your car. As well as hikes in power and torque, Kia tuning can also result in a more efficient engine with better fuel economy, vital when it comes to keeping costs as low as possible.

At Automate Tuning, our Kia tuning utilises some of the most advanced equipment currently available, as well as trained and experienced technicians capable of maximising the performance of Kia engines. As with any car tuning and remapping, the key is the software that we use to complete the job, so all of our software is written by Quantum Tuning, a dedicated specialist firm whose expert file writers ensure that any communication with a vehicles ECU is done as reliably as possible. Contrary to what many people believe about remaps, many owners seek our Kia tuning services to optimise the performance of their vehicle to increase towing capability and improve economy.

Remapping ECUs

Kia models, such as the Sorrento, Sportage, Carens and Optima, are ideal for remapping, as they all have the potential to deliver more power and better economy. As well as allowing drivers to create and express their individuality, car owners and dedicated Kia enthusiasts can also see improvements in the performance of their engine with benefits such as:

  • Better throttle response
  • Increased bhp
  • Substantial increase in fuel economy
  • Improved driving experience

Makes and models of Kia’s come in all shapes and sizes and take in all manner of engine capacities including small engine family cars, hot hatches and executive cars. Whatever the case, our Kia remaps can create a smoother, more relaxed and pleasurable driving experience for the driver as well as delivering a typical increase of 30-40 bhp on most turbo diesels.

All Kia remaps are carried out without resorting to any external modifications or extra parts, and can help immeasurably with the day to day running of your own car, as well as keeping the costs of running a company pool of vehicles as low as possible. For more information about our Kia remapping services feel free to get in touch with us on , or you can reach us at 01522716954 for knowledgeable advice.